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Let us run your supply chain planning and logistics, you can focus on your business.


Tell us about your business problems related to supply chain and logistics, we offer consulting services to solve those problems.


Once we offer the advisory services, how about we implement it for you.

demand planning 

Achieved via machine learning and AI technologies for forecasting.


Achieved via our state-of-the art technology partner in warehouse and retail replenishment.


Innovative technology solutions for cost and service optimisation.


Achieved via a low-cost systems integrator, our technology partner in this space provides a ROI under 1 year. 

our technology

Who are we?

A team of supply chain experts that effectively and efficiently offer the services you need to ensure you can focus on your business whilst we take care of your supply chain and logistics.

How do we achieve this?

We leverage state-of-the-art technologies to provide capabilities that not only match your current supply chain performance but find ways to improve them. This is achieved by utilising our highly skilled resources globally coupled with our technology partners. This means you dont have to worry about people, technology, systems or processes when it comes to supply chain & logisitics, we handle it all end to end.

What's the cost?

We work with all types of businesses, whether small or large. Our cost model is very different from other consulting firms in the market. We realised that the current consulting market is not affordable for all companies and everyone hesitates to commit without tangible outcomes as return on investment. So we want to flip that over and ensure the client is taking a minimal risk with our services.


We offer the following pricing models that we can discuss in further detail over a conversation:

1) Outsourcing: Upon understanding your needs, we offer daily rates that are market competitive and also ensure the resources offer continuous improvements adding further value to your business by identifying opportunities. 


2) Consulting: We believe that the client needs to see value in our services. We offer consulting services at a fixed fee based on the company, its current processes, and data capabilities. At the end of it, the client gets a diagnostic report on areas for improvements and recommendations.


3) Execution: We can execute the benefits highlighted in the consulting phase as we stand by them, we can establish a fixed package of deliverables and targets, alternatively and our favourite, we can take a commission on the final deliverable in terms of value created to their bottom line.

If we offer/recommend a technology solution to our client, the client can engage our technology partner directly to establish running costs, we keep that transparency with our clients.

Just reach out to us to find out more.

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