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Inventory Reduction for a telecommunications company

We reduced inventory for our client by more than $100m over two years by implementing best-in-class supply processes including demand planning and S&OP.

Inventory Checking

Network strategy for a food manufacturer in New Zealand

Established the optimal network for a food manufacturer to import their goods into Australia ensuring the fine balance between distribution cost, service, and customer experience.

Package Delivery

Warehouse process improvements

This client was facing serious bottlenecks in their warehouse operations out of Melbourne. After gaining advisory from multiple consultants and internal engagements, they came to us for guaranteed solutions.

Our team goes deep in terms of the problem, identifying root-causes in operational inefficiencies, further we help the client in resolving those issues collaboratively. We improved their service level and customer delivery in full on time subtantially.

Forklift Delivery

Logistics Innovation

Our client wanted innovative solutions for logistics. They wanted to resolve the last mile delivery issues that almost all companies in Australia face when they want stock delivered to customers same day but their logistics provider is unable to promise such a committment.

We developed some innovative state-of-the art solutions that leveraged technology to develop a solution that met their requirements in terms fo service and cost.

Image by Ross Findon

Logistics transformation for a building products business

Delivered a logistics transformation that led to $3.6m in cost reductions for our client via freight tenders, boosting efficiencies across their logistics network and taking out non-value adding activities.

Truck and Warehouse

Supply chain transformation for a resin manufacturer in Sydney

Conducted an end to end review of our clients supply chain practises, provided advisory on gaps in their current processes, furthermore, implemented best in class supply chain practises including demand planning and S&OP.

Image by Patrick Perkins

Logistics tender(RFP)

Our client in the building products industry required a new freight provider to boost the customer experience whilst remain competitive operationally for their distribution services to their retail and construction industry customers(B2B), we conducted an RFP ensuring the client's needs were in the forefront. The client was impressed with our differentiated approach of not just finding the right logistics partner in terms fo cost but being able to compare other qualitative indicators on service and CX to recommend an all rounded solution.

Image by Seb Creativo

Supply chain risk mapping for a telecommunications company

Our client like many was seeing the biggest disruption to their supply chain due to the pandemic not witnessed over 50 years. We helped them in developing a supply chain risk framework that guides them in identifying risks early in order to develop mitigation plans to overcome those risks via scenario planning workshops. The company has been able to mitigate significant risks and managed to differentiate its supply chain from their competitors.

Image by Seb Creativo
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